Embracing Regenerative Viticulture

10 February 2021

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Our new Duncan Seed Drill getting things done this summer. It’s great to see all of the hard work pay off for Vineyard Managers Kat and Hamish - we are now starting to see delightful colours and plant species in bloom.

For the past few years we have decided to fully embrace the regenerative viticulture philosophy at Chard Farm.
Each year as the season allows, Kat & Hamish have been operating the seed drill to inter-row sow multiple beneficial plant species. This is quite a complex operation as each vineyard is different and requires detailed soil and foliar analysis in order to calculate a beneficial plant species mix.
Our goal is to enrich our soils and ecosystems, in order to encourage healthy microbe, fungi and earthworm populations.

This regenerative approach promotes a more a sustainable vineyard. 

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