Seed mixture of the month

14 September 2021

 IMG 0003

Hamish our Viticulturalist has been working on new seed mixtures this month! What do we do with all of these little guys you ask?

Well we seed drill ‘multiple beneficial plant seeds’ into our soil throughout the year. 

Some of our sites for example are low in nitrogen and carbon, therefore we blend a legume mix like this one – which comprises of tic beans, blue lupins, peas and clover. When they die and decompose they provide the necessary nitrogen. Then some of our bony, dryer areas require organic matter and for that we use a leafier mix such as oats, radishes, kale and spinach.

As a result of this process, it enriches the soil as well as attracts earthworms and all the good stuff that we need to produce your favourite wine varietals!











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