Rabbit Racing in Naseby!

13 October 2020

The day finally arrived for the Rabbit Ranch team to take part in the annual Naseby 12-hour day / night MTB race. This is the 16th annual Naseby race, in which Rabbit Ranch are one of the proud sponsors.  

This event is a great opportunity for all ages to dress up and take part! One of our team members Olivia was having a great time intending to win best dressed.

All laughs for these bunnies. 

Screen Shot 2020 10 13 at 2.09.39 PMFeatured: Olivia and Sam

12-hour events are rare social occasions, there are multiple tents around the race track and the whole idea is over the course of the 12 hour period you can ride as many laps of the course you want or are able to and you tag a member out if you need a break. 

The team or individual who completes the most laps is the winner. 

If you’re around next year, bring your mates and take part, it’s such a laugh! 



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