Rabbit Control

Wabbit Vapouriser

Wabbit Flamethrower

Technical details:
Built 1924
3 million watt capacity
Concept – to blind the wee buggers and vapourise them with intense light?

Only every fired once, needed 3 years to charge to full capacity and actually vapourised the shooter instead.

Wabbit and Lightgun large

Wabbit & Vapouriser

Wabbit Flamethrower

Wabbit Vapouriser

Technical details and concept:
Built 1928
A multi head flamethrower, with capacity to knock over 50 Rabbits in one go.
Limited success – it has since been converted into a glorified cigarette lighter.

Wabbit and Flamethrower large

Wabbit & Flamethrower

Mc Cannon Gasser

Mac Cannon Gasser

Technical details and concept:
Built 1932
A gassing device to try and get the little varmints while in their burrows.
Never used and seized by the police after 3 neighbours were inadvertently gassed while visiting one day.

Wabbit and Snipergun large

Wabbit & Mc Cannon Gasser


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